Monastery of Agios Georgios of the Cave (Erimi)

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In the middle of 3 communities in the western end of Limassol, Erimi, Kolossi and Ypsonas, in a location filled with carob trees and the wild beauty of the naturally carved rocks, there is an unusual and quite majestic monastery. It is a monastery created above a large cave, which was known to the locals as the “cave of St. George”.

A few meters north of the cave, there is the fountain of St. George, comprising a spring with clear, cold water, that is considered to be blessed. The locals used to drink this water when working in the fields, particularly during the hot, summer months, when harvesting the valuable produce of the carob trees. The blessed water of St. George is also well-known to the shepherds and hunters in the area.

The residents of Erimi village would keep icons and lit candles in the cave. When they decided to clear the dirt to make it easier for the faithful to have access, they found a floor and a niche carved by hand within, indicating the existence of an old temple.

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Local traditions, as well as the findings in this cave, such as the cross, the reliquary, parts of pots, coins etc., all indicate that this space was used by monks and hermits during the 10th – 11th century. Now, the monastery is being reconstructed and performs ceremonies year round, in particular on the celebratory days for St. George, on April 23rd and November 23rd.

Photos: Akis Aristidou, Andreas Christoforou, Denis Kudryasov, Viktoria Christodoulou