Mochi ice cream: A unique ice cream inside fragrant rice paste, in Limassol!

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A traditional Asian sweet called mochi is the inspiration behind a different sort of ice cream featuring a unique aroma, texture and flavor, available in Limassol.  

Mochi ice cream is a unique way to enjoy a ball of ice cream. A fragrant and chewy rice paste, based on the traditional Asian mochi, cocoons the ice cream to create a combination of textures and flavors in every bite.

This special delicacy can be found on the menu at Pokeloha, a restaurant that specializes in exotic flavors, and was the first to bring ‘poké’ to Cyprus from Hawaii. The selection of mochi ice cream from Pokeloha includes a variety of unique flavors (fruity, with coffee, with black chocolate and more), wrapped in the matching flavored rice paste.


One of the favorite flavors is the mango ice cream in passionfruit paste, which is impressive both in flavor and in color.