'Miristiko' Botanical Garden (Kolossi)

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An evergreen garden, filled with all of the scents of Cyprus nature throughout the year, is a special spot where you can get to know the most genuine products of this land. Just a few steps away from the majestic Medieval Castle in Kolossi, around 15 minutes away from Limassol, “Miristiko” is a place with many gifts.

It is located in Kolossi, in a land of around 3 hectares, where several kinds of herbs grow (from louisa and lavender, to oregano, thyme, mountain tea, rosemary and many more), as well as other plants and citrus trees. Due to high demand, these plantations are now spread to another piece of land of around 10 hectares, where there are also pomegranate trees, olive trees, grapes and legumes from traditional seeds.

This place has its own workshop for drying out and using these products in different ways and recipes. Both these pieces of land are verified as bio, producing a variety of herbal teas, aperitifs with lemon, orange, pomegranate and more, as well as olive oil, flower waters, rich in essential oils, seasonal marmalades, juices, and imaginative crafts (like ornaments, jewellery, bridal accessories, dolls and more).

All kinds of special events take place at “Miristiko”, with workshops, crafts exhibitions, gatherings for fairy tale readings and more. Adults and children can benefit from a visit, to get acquainted with nature of Cyprus and the secrets of each herb and plant.

Contact number: 99 063 404