'Miristiko' Botanical Garden (Kolossi)

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This evergreen garden, brimming with the scents of Cyprus nature all year round, is a special spot where you can get to know the most genuine products of the island. Just a few steps away from the majestic Medieval Castle in Kolossi, “Miristiko” is a space that will enchant you with its graces.

Several types of herbs are cultivated across an expanse of approximately 3 hectares (verbena, honeysuckle, lavender, sage, oregano, marjoram, thyme, mountain tea, rosemary, and yarrow), as well as organic, Cypriot vegetables and citrus fruits, grapes, and other fruits.Due to high demand, these plantations have now spread to another piece of land of around 10 hectares, and a market with fressh products takes place each Saturday in the shady garden.

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The space has its own workshop for the dessication and utilization of these prodcuts, which also acts as a sales center for products such as herbal teas, liqueurs, cold pressed olive oil, raw honey, water infused with flowers and essential oils, seasonal jams, juices, and creative crats.

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Events such as experiential workshops, exhibitions of handmade creations, storytelling gatherings, and more often take place at Miristiko.

Contact number: 99 063404