Miramare: The Limassol hotel that started the trend of beachside resorts in the city!

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The coastal section of Limassol in the Germasogeia area, which emerged as the city’s predominantly tourist destination during the 1980s, was just a deserted countryside in 1960. That was when Theofylaktos Mavrommatis envisioned the creation of a seaside resort, known to this day as the Miramare Hotel.

The inauguration announcement in the Press. The project was implemented by "Plage Ltd" and its cost was the significant amount of 150 thousand pounds.

Thus in 1963, the first hotel in Limassol to enjoy uninterrupted sea views opened its doors, also taking advantage of the shady coolness of the nearby eucalyptus grove, known to us as Dasoudi. In fact, in the following years, Theofylaktos Mavrommatis was one of the people who campaigned for the rescue of that grove that we enjoy to this day.

Part of the letter by Th. Mavrommatis to the Internal Affairs Ministry, for the salvation of the grove. (Letter from the Archive of Athos Tylliris)

The hotel stood out as a destination for relaxation and leisure, hosting local orchestras that were particularly beloved by the people. Until the ‘70s, aside from a couple of other entertainment venues, there were no other options in the area. It soon became a space that was associated in the memories of both locals and foreigners with parties, events, carnival fiestas, holidays, and general fun.

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Though it has changed hands several times since then, the hotel continues to operate to this day. In fact, it displays some fine works of art in its galleries, created artist Christoforos Savva, who was relatively unknown in 1960.

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