Millomeris Waterfalls (Platres Village)

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The Millomeris Waterfalls are located in the southeastern area of Platres and, together with the Calidonia Waterfalls, they form a duo that has made the area a popular destination among nature enthusiasts.

The flow of water which comes from Krios Potamos has made the surrounding area cool and wet, thus lending itself to the name Millomeris. The water from the falls cascades from a height of 15 meters, creating a small lake, the level of which rises and sometimes overflows during the winter months, when the volume of water increases significantly.

Today, there is a dirt road leading to the waterfall, which is also accessible to cars. During the summer season, hundreds of people visit the waterfall every day. Apart from the natural beauty that everyone admires, the ones that feel like chilling up can dare a dive in it. The water is quite cold, coming straight from mountain springs.

A 1km walkway also leads to it, with a starting point at the entrance of Platres, just before the Panagias Faneromenis church. The route is relatively smooth, though it does have somewhat of a decline, as it follows a downhill course towards the waterfall.