Milia Nature Trail (Platres)

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The Milia Nature Trail is actually the shortest route that leads to one of the most refreshing, fairy tale-like settings in the mountainous region of Limassol. The route feels like taking a short stroll around the neighborhood, except it is surrounded by dense vegetation, thanks to the river which feeds the plane and oak trees and the aromatic bushes which thrive there.

Though short, this path offers a gamut of images, aromas and sensations. The setting is reminiscent of a fairy tale: with the sound of babbling water in your ears, breathing in the delicious scents of the forest, you would almost expect to see a woodland fairy emerge before you on the path. The distance of the trail is less than a kilometer, though it offers immeasurable natural beauty which changes from season to season, along with the colors of the leaves of the trees.

As you approach the bridge which connects the two banks of the Krios Potamos River, you will feel a cool breeze wash over you, intensifying the sense of euphoria felt on this nature walk. The stone-built Venetian bridge adds a mythical dimension to this location, conjuring up the images of the thousands of people who have crossed it over the centuries, as they traveled from one end of the Troodos Mountains to the other.

The trail is located on the way towards the Millomeris Waterfalls, and it is marked by a sign just after the turn for the waterfalls.

The easy access to the riverbed, especially during the summer and autumn, when there is less water flowing into the river, allows visitors to approach the water and feel refreshed. The adjacent tree trunks lean far over the water, offering a welcoming place to sit and relax and feel at one with nature.

*Platres is part of the Mobilitas European Network, encouraging alternative transportation via trails, bicycle routes and public transportation.