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Milia nature trail (Platres)

A short route, on a smooth ground, less than a kilometer long. It may feel like you are making a round at your block, but you are actually transferred to a totally different dimension, surrounded by greens and amazing scents. The best part is that when crossing it, you head towards a historical and beautiful destination, that feels a bit like a fairy tale.

Milia nature trail, which is surrounded by wild flora with bushes and pine trees, leads to the Venetian bridge of Milia (apple tree), where the stream of the river has created a beautiful corner. Short indeed, the trail does offer an interesting range of scents and feelings, while, when you reach the bridge you feel a stream of breezy air around you that tops the delightful experience of your visit.

This is a medieval bridges which crosses over Krios Potamos, is one of the ancient bridges that one finds on Troodos mountains, which were a main path for the transportation of goods and people, even just a few decades ago.

Following the signs towards Millomeris waterfalls, you will be on your way to the ridge. The trail that leads to it, begins around 1 kilometer after the waterfall, from the asphalt road. You may also choose to start our walk from the other end, at the north side of Platres Sports Center, where the distance to the bridge is slightly longer and the road is more inclined.

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