Mesaoria: The place where traditional and international cuisine co-exist harmoniously!

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In 1996, Petros decided to make use of his knowledge and experience in cooking, by opening his own, small rotisserie. His mother actively supported this decision, competing the menu with he own traditional, Cypriot recipes, the way she used to make them for decades at home. “Mesaoria”, though, meant to be a lot more than just a rotisserie.

From early on, the dishes of this family business became very popular amongst the people in Limassol, since they became the actual, home-cooked meals away from home, as if they were cooked by the mistress of the house. So, in 2010, the rotisserie was expanded and upgraded into a restaurant with a large variety of dishes, cooked on the same day. In a spacious dining area, as well as in the back yard, “Mesaoria” is providing an alternative for home, with great food, in the city, in a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere, while it is also one of the top options for take away meals.

With 35 – 40 different dishes cooked daily, with fresh materials and tasty recipes, the menu in “Mesaoria” could not but get your attention. Either well-known and favorite dishes, from the local tradition, or international dishes, with interesting taste combinations that you should try, this range of options will not let you get bored. The only issue will probably be to decide which one you should choose.

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