Mesaoria: The restaurant which became a second home for Limassolians!

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In 1996, Petros decided to make use of his knowledge and experience in cooking, by opening his own, small rotisserie.

His mother actively supported this decision, completing the menu with her own traditional, Cypriot recipes, just like she used to make them for her own family for decades.

'Mesaoria', however, was meant to be so much more than just a rotisserie.

From early on, the dishes of this family business became very popular amongst Limassolians, since they were reminiscent of home-cooked meals.

So in 2010, it was upgraded into a restaurant with a spacious dining area, as well a lovely back yard, providing an alternative dining choice for scrumptious food in the city.

Whether it comes to its familiar and beloved flavors or international cuisine, the choices are too many for anyone to feel tired of . The only problem they will probably face is which of these dishes to choose first.

Address: Vasileos Konstantinou 50
Contact number: 25 331458