Melis' tavern: From a village coffee shop, to one of Limassol's very well-known taverns!

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The traditional coffee shop, located in the center of the village, near the church, has always played a central role in the routines of the local residents. But when this coffee shop turned into a tavern, it actually became a beloved destination, not just for the residents of the village, but for people from the entire city of Limassol, Cyprus and even abroad. What makes this little tavern so popular, is pretty clear for its owner, Melis.

Melis’ father was the one who decided to turn their grandmother’s family home into a coffee shop. Soon, it became a kebab house. But its reputation began to spread rapidly after 2010, once Melis himself decided to turn it into a meze tavern, with his wife’s assistance. And so today, few are the people who have never heard of Melis Tavern in Parekklisia village.

As simple and as humble as it has always been, reminiscent of the times when it used to be a coffee shop, the tavern has managed to win people over thanks to its well-made meze dishes and the artisan flourishes of well-known Cypriot dishes. Among the 25 different types of meze dishes at Melis’, ‘poulles’ (taro root cooked and marinated in a special way) is one of people’s top choices, as well as the beef liver, cooked with onions and balsamic vinegar, the pork leg, cooked for hours in the oven, and the artisan souvlaki.

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