'Maratheftogitonia': The Limassol Street where time has stood still!

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Irinis Street is one of the most characteristic streets in the Limassol historical center, which maintains its original character since the beginning of the 20th century to the utmost degree.

It used to be called Victoria Street (in honor of the Queen of England), but it was also known as the ‘Maratheftogitonia’ (the ‘Marathasa neighbourhood’) as it was once the street upon which wealthy traders from the mountain villages of Marathasa had built their homes. The signs of wealth can be seen in the architecture of the many imposing buildings that line this street.

Built out of stone, and featuring the characteristic arched doorways, ornate carvings and narrow, wrought iron balconies typical of Colonial homes, the buildings of Irinis Street are truly a sight to behold.


The architectural influences from Europe of that time used to be a way for the wealthy owners of the houses to stand out and today these details constitute this neighbourhood a jewel of the city.

Old photos: Limassol Historical Archive, 'Anadromi Mnimis' by Tasos Andreou

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