Makris Restaurant: A space that has evolved into a beloved countryside dining destination!

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An excursion from the city towards the mountain villages of Limassol and Troodos is, for many, tied with a stop for a meal at one of the most well-known taverns found along the way.

This traditional tavern, which has been in the area for many decades, has evolved from a convenient place to stop for a meal to a major destination, as many have fallen in love with its menu.

Surrounded by the lush greenery of Moniatis, the scents of the forest and the serene setting, makes for an ideal, relaxing escape for its visitors.

Thus, traditional dishes such as kleftiko, souvla, stuffed zucchini flowers, shieftalia, fried eggs and zucchini and many more, are among few of the reasons why you should visit Makris Restaurant.

Address: Moniatis 88
Contact number: 25 421275