Madame: The place that brought together the past and the present of Heroes' Square!

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The original intention of the team that created the bar was to also create a deep connection between the venue and the history, as well as the current daily activity of this landmark square of Limassol. The ‘Madame’ made her home in Heroes’ Square in 2014 and has already become an organic part of the square’s identity, aiming to the area’s rejuvenation.

‘Madame’ is one of the most modern bars for young people in the city, and it has managed to stand out both for its cozy and friendly atmosphere, its signature cocktails, the lounge music and the special weekend evenings filled with dancing vibes. It was a conscious choice to be situated in Heroes’ Square, within the space of what was once the traditional ‘Kifisia’ restaurant on Andreas Droushiotis Street (opposite the Rialto Theater). Its name was also a reference to the seedy history of the square, once a hotspot for brothels in the mid-20th Century, even though this is no longer the case.

Beyond its special and imaginative cocktails, and the international cuisine-inspired nibbles, the menu at “Madame” has also adopted what was once a common practice in the square. That is, when visitors ask for the local KEO beer, it will be offered in a large bottle, the way locals in the area used to drink. With an outdoor seating area that spreads out towards the square and the Rialto Theater, visitors of the bar are able to enjoy the entire historical square. After all, the original owners of the restaurant have partnered with the new managers of the bar, creating a natural succession of the life of the square, and building a bridge between the past and the present. 

One of the venue’s most impressively crafted decorations, situated right above the bar used to be a small loft that was located above the kitchen, (where the children of the family used to study).

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