Lofou Tavern: A tavern in a picturesque Limassol village with 20+ years of tradition!

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One of the most well-known taverns in the Limassol countryside, which is part of the agrotourism complex Agrovino that encompasses accommodation, a wine cellar and wine bar, has been a point of reference in Lofou for years.

Costas, the man behind the creation of the complex, created a variety of options that would allow visitors to Lofou the chance to really get to know the village that he himself loves. The tavern was the first part of the complex to operate in Lofou, and for the last 20+ years, it has consistently followed the same goal.

This is why the menu the menu focuses on traditional dishes and makes use of fresh and local ingredients. Both cooked dishes, such as moussaka, as well as fried and grilled meze dishes, highlight the flavors of Cypriot cuisine.

Contact number: 25 470202
Address: Tsintouri, 4716, Lofou