Livadia Hotel: The history of the guesthouse built next to the Sanatorium of Kyperounta

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In 1947, the mayor of Kyperounta, Michalis Hadjimichael, built a small 5-roomed guesthouse, 200 meters from the area’s Sanatorium, at the urging of the British governor of the area and its first years of operation, mainly accommodating the patients’ relatives at the Sanatorium (currently Kyperounta Hospital).

The guesthouse was named after the area where it was built, which was formerly known as a "meadow". The area is famous for its excellent climate, the best in Cyprus. The cool mountain air of the area is said to have healing and beneficial properties, which is the reason why the Sanatorium was built there in the first place.

The management of this family business is passed down from generation to generation. Initially it was taken over by Takis (son of Michalis) and his wife Sotiroula and nowadays their children.

The hotel was built with traditional architecture, using earthy materials, such as wood and stone of the area, elements that despite its renovation, are preserved to this day.

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