'Livadi tou Pasha' picnic site (Troodos)

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A few minutes from Troodos square, when heading east, towards Amiandos, you will find a sign that leads to one of the most popular picnic areas of this area. In the heart of the forest, this space covers a large area, with some beautiful surprises for its visitors.

‘Livadi tou Pashia’ is one of the largest picnic areas of the island, with a 1600-person capacity. Its facilities are located at an altitude of 1600 meters, around a large, protected prairie of peat, which creates an amazing, colorful scenery, changing from season to season.

A road paved with local stones crosses through the picnic area, to allow you to move from one end to the other easily. There is a playground in the middle of this area, to host the younger visitors. The picnic site features wooden tables and benches under the pine trees (some of which covered with a roof), spots for lighting fire and toilettes.

This picnic site is a good option for people with disabilities, as the stone-paved road crossing through it allows easy access to those on a wheelchair. It also has toilettes designed for people with disabilities.

Summer is a great season for a visit, since this is one of the coolest place to be during the hotest moths of the year.