Limassol's upcoming spectacular events for this Christmas season!

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The festive season is fast approaching in Limassol with a flurry of brightness and joy, and the entire city is getting dressed up and ready to welcome the holidays properly. With 3 great events, the most central and popular places in the city will be lit up and decorated accordingly for this year’s Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

The Limassol squares will be in the center of attention this season, each with its own stunning Christmas tree, around which wonderful, festive activities will be held with the participation of thousands of people. From the Limassol Marina, to the Castle Square and the Carob Mill, and Anexartisias Street and Grigoris Afxentiou Square, the city well into the holiday spirit.

Two out of these 3 spectacular events will be held on the last weekend of November, starting with the lighting event by the sea. On Saturday 24/11, late in the afternoon, the Limassol Marina Square will be filled with lights and music, with Santa Claus making his appearance to give gifts to the young children in attendance.


The weekend’s festive atmosphere will continue on Sunday 25/11, with an event at the Castle Square, where the Carob Mill tree will be lit up. The activities will begin early in the afternoon, at 2 pm, and will feature fun and games for the entire family.  


A grand event to welcome the official start of winter, as well as the start of the month of Christmas, will be held by the Limassol Municipality, with a tree-lighting ceremony in Grigoris Afxentiou Square. For 4 whole hours on the afternoon of Saturday 1/12, children and adults will have the opportunity to sing, play, laugh and meet Santa.