Limassol's new boutique hotel has opened its doors in the historical city center!

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The impressive hotel on the corner of Iphigenias Street in Limassol’s historical city center has opened its doors as a new boutique hotel, after several decades of being deserted. The restored, 2-storey building is now a special space that is set to offer unique experiences for its guests, bringing back some of Limassol’s old glamour from last century.

The mansion has preserved all of the recognizable elements from its original architecture, including the large arches, stone-built walls, the original stone on the ornate staircase, as well as the decorative patterns used in the bedrooms, which follow patterns originally used in the design of the building. The upper floor hosts the bedrooms, while the ground floor hosts the bar and hotel restaurant, which are open to visitors from early in the morning (with a breakfast buffet), until late at night for drinks.

One of the hotel’s most special features is its patio, where a large olive tree holds the center of attention, complementing the Mediterranean setting. The indoor dining area features traditional stone-built walls combined with modern, but discreet, furniture and lighting, creating an amazing atmosphere for relaxing moments with food and drinks. Apart from the morning buffet, the hotel will soon be offering a full menu for all meals.

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