Limassol's National Forest Park

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An ideal option for daily escapes away from the buzzing urban environment, the National Forest Park of Limassol consists a wonderful, evergreen oasis, within a small distance from the city. It spreads in a land of thousands of square kilometres, which includes plenty of pine trees, cypress trees, eucalyptus trees, olive and carob trees, as well as bushes (such as mastic trees and rock roses), as well as other kinds of moss.

Enjoying an amazing view to the entire city of Limassol, situated on a hill standing right above it, it allows great spots for relaxing in the nature, which are great for daily escapes, being so close to the city center. This place offers picnic facilities to its visitors to relax under the beautidul, wooden kiosks, by a large playground with various games for children’s activities and entertainment any time of the day.

There is a circular walking path in the park, to allow people to cross through the forest, using the paths, surrounded by colors and scents of nature. Among its latest additions within the park area, is the asphalt bicycle lane, running across the walking path, so that cyclists can enjoy a ride in the middle of the green forest.

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The pic-nic area with the wooden kiosks (where lighting a fire is forbidden) can be an option for short trips outside the city center or for play-time for the entire family, and even for parties and wedding receptions, as the church of Panayia Glikiotissa is very close to the park.