Limassol's hotel - member of large international brand takes 2nd place award in Europe!

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This past September, the Crowne Plaza Limassol Hotel ranked second among 96 hotels in total across Europe. Following the votes of recent hotel guests who expressed the degree of their satisfaction with their stay, the hotel found itself just a hairline away from the top spot, for the first time in its history.

The Crowne Plaza Limassol Hotel had generally ranked among the top 10 hotels, but now it has reached even closer to the top. This distinction, which is reflected in the results of the HeartBeat survey, is indicative of the overall satisfaction of its guests in terms of cleanliness, service and the general condition of the hotel.

With a total score of 96/100, the Crowne Plaza Limassol Hotel managed to stand out from the rest, serving as a reminder of the high level of services it provides within the hospitality sector in Limassol. The seaside hotel, which is located close to the city center and serves a large number of businesspeople who visit the city, is an excellent example of Cypriot hospitality, boasting features that make it competitive on an international scale.

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