Limassol, the city of 14 towers with a total height of 1703 meters!

Impressive are the conclusions of Limassol’s comparison with its "parallel cities". As comes out of the findings of the participatory, research project of Antonis Stylianou and Andreas Papalla, the architects who wanted to explore the image and prospects of Limassol, as a city with fast growth rates in this area the city manages to stand out among large cities of Europe and the wider region.

As noted, the waterfront was the scene of this "urban renewal" having high quality natural features that were attractive to investors. With the completion of a series of tower projects, Limassol’s 180.000 population will have 14 tower projects with a combined height (TCH) of 1703 meters.

In context, this will place Limassol above many European cities and citiea of the surrounding area, among which are Berlin (population: 3.5 million, TCH: 1099), Beirut (population: 361.000, TCH: 1285), and Vienna (population: 1,7 million, TCH: 1349).

Indicative Projects

Olympic Residence (2 towers): 150 m.
Lanitis Old Mansion (3 towers): 510 m.
The One: 170 m.
Oval: 75 m.
iHome Limassol (2 towers): 76 m.
Del Mar: 78 m.
Limassol Landmark: 93 m.
Neocleous Tower: 84 m.
Fairways Centre Point: 56 m.
Totalserve Towers: 63 m.
Limassol Blu: 90 m.
Marco Polo (2 towers): 144 m.
Cedars Oasis: 54m.
Icon Residences: 50 m.

As stated by the 2 architects, after the completion of the project "Parallel cities", with the participation of the public, but also of experts or other specialists, Limassol faces a challenge. Following this impressive performance, it will have to reconcile development and conservation, ensuring public access to the seafront.