Limassol Old Port

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The Limassol Old Port, located adjacent to the Limassol Marina, right in the heart of the city center, has in recent years evolved into a cosmopolitan tourist center, beloved by locals and visitors alike. Despite its modernized appearance, the small fishing boats that dot the harbor are a testament to the way in which the Old Port has remained true to its original, humble fishing roots.  

A major renovation and restoration project, which culminated in 2016, brought offices, restaurants, shops, a large square, pedestrian area and cultural events hall to the Old Port, which soon began hosting a number of activities year-round. The redevelopment plans were designed by architect Chrysanthos Chrysanthou, and their fulfilment brought a breath of new life into the waterfront area, with large crowds making their way there daily for coffee, a delicious meal, or a leisurely stroll against the backdrop of the deep blue sea of Limassol.

 The Limassol Old Port has also firmly established itself as a culinary destination, as it is home to a number of fine dining establishments where visitors can indulge in a variety of cuisines, from steak and seafood to Mediterranean and international cuisine, all accompanied by breathtaking views of the sea and the little fishing boats which bob along in the harbor.

Indeed, it is these fishing boats that make up the Old Port’s true charm and beauty, as amid the picturesque yet modern landscape, the fishermen’s boats stand out, adding a quint, traditional flourish to the area. The boats set out every evening and return to the harbor early in the morning, laden with the catch of the day which is then sold to shops and restaurants around the city.

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