Limassol now hosts the only exclusive shop in Cyprus with the popular Greek wooden accessories!

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Mr. Wood brand has managed to shake the fashion world for some time now in Greece and now it has arrives in Limassol, after a… popular demand. The trend that has men and women going mad with the wooden hats, watches, bow ties and many more fashion accessories, is the new entry on the island, since the orders at the Athens shop from Cyprus, and from Limassol in particular, were quite plenty.

Thus, since December 2016, Limassol hosts the first official and exclusive Mr. Wood shop with all the range of the Greek designers’ items, along with every new season collection. These fine and elegant fashion items made of wood have managed to steal the impressions. And, while one would think that this trendy look would only concern a restricted age range, the most demanding customers of the shop are actually aged over 60 years old. Among them are even collectors, as well as men who are nostalgic of the past decades’ class.

The wooden accessories are particularly popular among women, too, and that does not only apply for the unisex items. Apart from the hats, the sun glasses and watches, who are designed to fit both men and women, the bow ties are also among the items frequently purchased by women, either as a hint of manliness, or as garland for their hair. And, even though their fine could be interpreted as an expensive luxury, prices are actually quite affordable, since their most expensive watch costs €300.

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