Limassol Nautical Club Beach

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Τaverns / Restaurants
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A beloved destination for families for decades, this beach continues to be a solid option for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing by the sea.

The sandy beach in front of the Limassol Nautical Club, thanks to its short distance from the city center, and its family atmosphere, welcomes visitors of all ages on a daily basis. The beach is fully organized and offers sun loungers and umbrellas for all who need them. The café-restaurant it operates is a great choice for all who wish to relax within a shaded area overlooking the sea and enjoy a refreshing drink, snacks, or a full meal.

As it is a busy beach, many people tend to use plastic bottles or other items with packaging while there. As such, just before the start of the 2019 summer season, a ‘green fish’ was installed on the beach. This recycler-fish is a large, fish-shaped wire basket that is used to collect recyclable plastic packaging, in an effort to protect the coastline from pollution.

The Fat Fish restaurant, offering a menu with fish and seafood, complements the scenery with flavors from the sea.