Limassol Marina: How the historical center was 'transported' to this cosmopolitan city landmark!

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The Limassol Marina, a Project that has brought life to a formerly marginalized area of Limassol, has come to be known as one of the most important landmarks of both the city and Cyprus as a whole. It is a place where modern specifications meet the tradition and history of Limassol.

Its short distance from the historical city center, which flourished towards the end of the 19th century, inspired the creators of the Limassol Marina to choose this location for their project. And since this former industrial area had now been enriched with buildings offering accommodation, recreation and entertainment options, it was only natural that these buildings would also borrow from the distinctive architecture of the historical center.

In this way, the Marina’s architect chose to create a contemporary extension of the city center, in the form of a cosmopolitan city landmark.

Stone-built walls, tiled roofs, beautiful archways, elegant balconies with ornate railings, and flowering gardens are just some of the elements from the old town that have been recreated at the Limassol Marina, allowing visitors the opportunity to experience something of island’s urban traditions.