Limassol in the 1960s through dozens of nostalgic images!

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Social Life

Who remembers what Limassol was like in the 1960s? Though human memory may fade with time, technology has made it so that the most characteristic and beautiful aspects of that time continue to survive, refreshing the memory of the older generation, and enriching the perspectives of the younger generation as to what Limassol is all about. 

A YouTube video that was released some time ago was the percursor for a photo album which paints a picture of daily life in the city of LImassol, just after Cyprus' independence. In less than 4 minutes, this video presents images from the commercial center of Agiou Andreou and Anexartisias Streets, from Saripolou Square, before it became the lively square we all know today, and even from Makarios Avenue, before the appearance of sidewalks, where the city's citizens have a starring role as they go about their daily business. 

The book features photos taken between 1961 - 1964 by Randolph Barr, who lived in the British Air Force Base in Akrotiri with his family at the time. They would all take afternoon walks, admiring the beauty of each area, and Randolph Barr would always carry his camera with him. After his death, his only daughter, Princess Wilkings, decided to publish a selection of his best photos. 

The result was a photo album which compiles images of the daily life of Limassolians and the most central and characteristic spots of the city, the way they used to be 50+ years ago.

The book, entitled ‘From Cyprus with Love’, was eventually launched in December 2018.

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