Limassol hosted the largest tree plantation ever in Cyprus!

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The largest tree plantation ever in Cyprus, turned the first Saturday of the Spring 2018 twice as green and festive. Many people and countless smiling faces had the opportunity to get a first glimpse of the new, green areas created in the city, before everyone gathered up for some party time and an amazing fashion show, inspired by the beauties of the spring nature.

1000 volunteers that participated in the event, rolled their sleeves up to make the city even more beautiful, planting 100 new trees in 12 different spots in Limassol. From Yermasoyia Dam, to just a few meters from the sea, a land spanning within 5 kilometers, between Yermasoyia and Agios Athanasios Municipality, now hosts the cores that will generate new green lungs in Limassol.

This one-of-its-kind even took place within a collaboration between Yermasoyia Municipality and PAT store in Limassol (which is set to plant a tree for each fashion item sale), thanks to the contribution of numerous companies from Limassol and beyond (like KPMG, Askanis Group, Ygeia Polyclinic, Mc Donald’s), who funded the whole effort. This special day ended with the people who participated in the tree plantation celebrating at Potamos Yermasoyias area, with music and dancing, as well as an impressive fashion show, themed by the greens and the renaissance of the nature in spring.

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