Limassol Forest Park Playground

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 This playground, found on the northside of the city of Limassol, really seems to have it all. Plenty of greenery, play space, its own canteen, but also well-kept, wooden kiosks for moments of relaxation and food, in a location with an exceptional view.

The playground is part of the Limassol National Forest Park located just minutes away from the city center and offers a daily getaway opportunity for parents and children. There, one can find sports fields, a playground with safety floor and a large grassy area.

With night lighting, modern restrooms, free parking as well as stroller and wheelchair access, the space is welcoming and convenient for everyone.

Since the cafeteria of the Forest Park has been upgraded, guests can enjoy quality street food, refreshing drinks, coffee, juices, ice cream and sweets. The amenities provided, make the space ideal for organizing children's birthday parties, with a choice of various activities, such as survivor games, treasure hunting, horseback riding, climbing tower, archery, swimming pool with colliding boats, etc.

Contact number: 99 300256