Limassol Forest Park Playground

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This playground, north to Limassol city, seems to have it all. It’s all green and tidy, spacious, with its own cantina and a large variety of games for endless moments of fun, as well as wooden kiosks for relaxing moments, with a unique panoramic view to the city.

It is no coincidence that many families choose to spend their entire day there, whenever they have the chance. The great part about it is that these occasions may occur quite often, since it is so close to the city center. The playground is part of the National Limassol Forest Park and it consists an outlet for children and parents that love to connect with the natural environment.

The tidy area of the playground, as well as the food and beverage services provided by the cantina (which is open daily 9:00 – 18:30), make it an ideal option for carefree and pleasant visits. If weekends and holidays are perfect for staying there from early in the morning until the sun goes down, week days are also great for shorter, but equally fun escapes. The wooden castle, the sways and the see – saw in the area with soft ground, as well as the green grass areas are among the reasons for this place to be a favorite to many.

This place also hosts parties, as well as wedding and christening celebrations, since the nearby chapel serves well in these occasions.

Contact number: 99 575047