Limassol celebrates Easter with dozens of traditional events (and more)!

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 Easter is celebrated gloriously on the island, offering many opportunities for fun for both young and old. Dozens of events, both in the city and the countryside, are once again taking place this year, ensuring that this holiday season is as full and traditional as possible. 

The villages across the Limassol countryside have scheduled various events over a wide range of days, from Holy Saturday to the Sunday of St. Thomas. The traditional activities which take place in the countryside during this time of year are once again organized in mountain villages such as Lofou, Fini, Kilani, Kyperounda, Pelendri, Louvaras, Kalo Chorio, Kaminaria, as well as in lower villages, such as Anogira, Sotira and Pentakomo.

Those who will stay close to the city of Limassol this Easter will also have the opportunity to celebrate in a traditional manner, with events taking place at the Yermasoyia and Agios Athanasios Municipalities. And for those who wish to explore events beyond the traditional, there is no limit to the options for nighttime fun in the city. 

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