Life on the island started from this rock in Limassol!

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Social Life

Steep rocks, a big coastline and the endless view of the Mediterranean Sea, make up the natural site of Aetokremnos. The specific location is the place that hosted the first humans of the island and at the same time the oldest site that has ever been discovered in Cyprus.

Aetokremmos site, located at the center of the southern coastline of Akrotiri in Limassol, dates back to 8500 BC making it the starting point of the man’s journey to the island. Furthermore, archaeological research has brought to light findings that were discovered inside the rocks, such as tools and jewels, revealing that the inhabitants who lived there were hunters. In that way, those people, centuries ago, found shelter in the area and forming small social groups, settled in Aetokremmos.

Akrotiri area also testifies the relationship between some animals, which don’t exist anymore, as well as the influence of the humans on their disappearance. As revealed, many of these animals, such as dwarf hippos and elephants, were found burnt and processed as prey, which proves that they were victims of the people of those times. Find out more about the elephants and hippos that lived in Akrotiri here.

Source of information: "Limassol, Journey to the Times of a City", (2006)

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