Lenia's Tavern: A traditional tavern with flavourful comfort food and Cypriot 'boukoma'!

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In Vouni, right in the center of the village, where cafes and shops meet, Lenia opened her tavern in 2021. Originating from Vouni , with an exceptional amount of love for her village, Lenia prepares beloved delicacies of Cypriot cuisine and flavourful comfort food.

The tavern is open at noon and night, where the old cafe of the village women used to be. The traditional menu allows the guests to create the combination of traditional dishes and meze of their choice. The space blends perfectly with the picturesque character and the serene atmosphere that make Vouni stand out.

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Apart from ‘mezedakia’, the traditional dishes and Lenia’s honey balls, one can also enjoy a Cypriot "boukoma" on the weekends, with homemade jams, meats and cheeses, village bread, eggs and many more treats.

Contact number: 25 717117, 99 542803