LED lamps in all of the Limassol streets will be cutting the energy cost in half!

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The policy for energy efficient municipalities in the wider Limassol area starts to become a reality through the decision for replacing all of the street light-balls. The 6 municipalities of the district have come to a common agreement to ask for an offer for establishing LED light-balls in order to save both energy and money.

This large-scale project will include the installation of lighting poles and LED light-balls, which will replace the traditional ones and the high pressure natrium lamps used until now. Street lighting just in the Limassol Municipality sums up to a cost of over €600 per year, which is a great financial burden, mainly for the residents. This amount is expected to be cut in half after the lamps are replaced.

The project will be paid with the money that the municipalities will save in a horizon of 4 – 7 years, pending on the agreement that will be signed eventually. The improvement of energy efficiency is something that has been concerning in general the Limassol Municipality, according to the Mayor, Nikos Nikolaidis, and this concern leads to some overall studies for that matter. Within this policy, the municipal buildings will have LED lamps installed, too, as well as solar panels, in some cases.