Lania tavern: A picturesque tavern with 30+ years of tradition in the Limassol countryside!

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It has been located at the entrance of the village for 35+ years, making it a reference point for anyone visiting the area. The tavern, with its well-kept, whitewashed wall and balcony overflowing with greenery and flowerpots, is one of the first things visitors to Lania are met with, and one of the reasons that many people choose to stroll around the village.

The tavern is named after the village in which it is located, and its menu is inspired by local traditions and the flavours favoured by the family that founded the tavern in 1983 and continue to operate it until today. The balcony offers views of the natural beauty of the village’s landscape, while the cool breeze enjoyed there is an ideal solution for hot summer days. During the winter, the warmth of the tavern’s fireplace and wood stove is a constant companion for guests.

Some people choose to try a combination of meze dishes prepared by the tavern, while others prefer to order specific, regular portions of the traditional Cypriot cuisine. The meatballs and moussaka are among the dishes that have stood out as favourites of the menu for many years. A safe choice, however, is the tavern's bottled wine, white and red, produced at a local winery in the neighbouring village of Pera Pedi.

The homemade orange pie dessert completes visitors’ feast of flavours at the tavern perfectly.

Contact number: 25 432398