Lab Restaurant & Bar: An old Limassol hotel that become a beloved city hangout!

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This is a venue that strikes a perfect balance between the old and the new. By making its home inside one of the oldest urban hotels in Limassol, complete with the characterstic architecture of the early 20th century, it has secured one of the most iconic features for itself: a 'secret garden' within an interior courtyard flooded with beautiful flowers. 

Though the entrance retains the architectural elements of the neoclassical buildings in the area, Lab Restaurant & Bar combines the architectural heritage of this stone-built two-story building with a distinctly industrial aesthetic. The solid wood and black metal materials which make up the decor of the venue have created a cozy atmosphere with a relaxing vibe for all hours of the day.

Regardless of the time or the season, this venue is a great option for drinks and light meals. You can start your day off with the brunch and breakfast menu, and stay until late at night for cheese, meat and fruit platters, as well as unique combinations of nutritious salads, burgers, or other quick meals from a menu that is constantly being refreshed. 

Of course, Lab Restaurant & Bar is particularly well known for its drinks and cocktails menu. Besides its large collection of Cypriot and international wines, its menu also features dozens of special cocktails with unique flavor combinations that have been created specifically for this venue.  

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