Kyperounda Village

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At the foot of the Madari mountain range, one finds the picturesque village of Kyperounda. It is the largest mountain village in Cyprus and falls under the geographical region of Pitsilia. It has an altitude of 1200 meters and is surrounded by the mountains of Troodos, Papoutsas, and Madari.

The traditional products for which the village is famous include wine, traditional smoked meats, fresh fruit, apple cider vinegar, local sweets and jams (mainly from apples), as well as liqueurs in various flavors and aromas.

History – Name

The name of the village likely comes from ‘Cyperus Rotunus,’ a local weed that grows in the area, which is also used as a main ingredient in animal feed. The founding of the village possibly dates back to the Byzantine era even though certain archaeological evidence suggests that it had been inhabited since the Hellenistic period.

The Square

The village square dates back to the years of British occupation, and was renovated in the 1990s.

The traditional core of the village, with its cobblestone streets and stone-built houses with tiled roofs, is what makes up Kyperounda’s picturesque setting. These winding streets around the main square are ideal for exploring..

The Regional Primary School is also located in the village and it is attended by dozens of children from nearby villages. The area is also home to a kindergarten, a nursing home, and a childcare center.

Kyperounda Regional Hospital

Thanks to Kyperounda’s ideal climate, the British Colonial Empire chose this village for the creation of a sanatorium, which was constructed at the village entrance in a green forested area and has since been converted into a Regional Hospital.


Church of Saint Arsenios: This chapel is a recreation of an early christian basilica design typical of churches constructed in the 5th and 6th c. A.D. in Cyprus.


Church of Saint Marina: It is dedicated to the patron saint of the village.


Church of the Virgin and Savior: This is a two-story church which, under Venetian rule, operated as both a Catholic and Orthodox temple.


Chapel of the Holy Cross: It is Kyperounda’s most ancient church and is located just steps away from the central square.



Museum of Natural History and Rural Life: It hosts the furniture and daily heirlooms used by residents of the village at the beginning of last century and beyond.


Museum of the EOKA struggle of ’55 – ‘99: The museum is part of an old, renovated stone-built house in which the initial owner had built a hideout where fugitive rebels once hid from British soldiers.


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Picnic site

Just a short distance from the village, this idyllic location is perfect for a day spent in nature relaxing, strolling, playing games and having picnics. During the summer months, an open air refreshment area offers food and drinks to visitors.

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Nature trails

From Kyperounda begins a series of impressive paths of the peak of Madari, on the border of of Limassol and Nicosia districts. From that point, one follows an upward path, towards the top of Madari, while the path passes through a beautiful and green forest, with pine trees and endemic bushy plants of the area.

In the community there are also 2 paths within the village, one opposite Livadia Hotel and one next to the community parking area, opposite Kyperia Tavern & Bar.

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Αdventure Mountain Park

A theme park located among the natural beauties near the Madari nature trail, offers a plethora of activities for all ages such as rock climbing, paint ball, ice skating, building team spirit and collaboration.

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Located in an idyllic spot on a hill overlooking the entire village, Kyperounda Winery is one of the most popular wineries in Cyprus, producing fine, award-winning wines.

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This dam is located south of the village, on the border with the village of Chandria. Surrounded by wild vegetation which is enhanced by the presence of the water element, the 50,000 cubic meter capacity dam has created a site of natural beauty for visitors to enjoy.


Livadia Hotel (25 532929)

MARILION (99 458052)

Kyperounta Apartment (99 382850)

To Konatzi tis Maroulas (99 655890)

The Cosy Pine

Milea Mansion (99 135444)

Kato Chorio (99 812166)

WOODSTONE Traditional House (99 536399)

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Food - Drink

Kyperia Tavern & Bar (99 358167)

Patsalos Tavern (99 511381)

To Giofiri (25 530018)

Adventure Mountain Park (99 674126)

Livadia Hotel (25 532929)

Stou Singer (99 307900)

Tsipouradiko - Ouzeri Agia Marina (99 655890)

Karvounas Cafe Snack (25 550105)

Kafes sti Hovoli (99 893756)

The Kretan (97 751534)

Dolly Snack Bar (99 662495)

Antonis Cafe (99 498135)

'To Periptero' coffees (25 530048)

Stin Plateia (-)

Kafenion Flytzaniou 'To Anagnosma' (-)

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Apple Festival: The village hosts one of the biggest festivals in the countryside of Limassol, on the second October weekend.

Kyperounda Festival: On the first weekend of August, Kyperounda celebrates with residents, settlers, and summertime vacationers.

Children’s Festival: An event dedicated to children offers fun activities and entertainment.

Christmas Village: Τhe central square of Kyperounda village is transformed into a wonderful Christmas village, with a Santa’s workshop and kiosks with traditional products.

April 1st celebrations: Cyprus-wide participation in the revival of customs unique to the community.