Kyperounda picnic site

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A breezy spot, under the plane trees, is a unique refuge for relaxing on Limassol’s mountains. At a small distance from Kyperounda village center, this organized picnic site is an idyllic destination for games and dining in the nature.

The area is surrounded by an artificial stream, which you can cross on wooden bridges, to reach to the facilities of the picnic site. The cantina that operates during the summer in the stone-built building, offering options for food and drinks, is the center of this area.

This location has a special feature which makes it an ideal destination during the summer, because it keeps a temperature around 2 degrees lower than the one at the center of the village (which is already cool enough, with a dry climate, at 1400 meters above sea level). The valley where the picnic site is located, due to underground streams, has been blessed with lots of greens, as well as a climate suitable for escaping a heat wave.

A 20-meter-long sequoia, a tree imported in Cyprus, marks the outer area of the picnic site, being an impressive sight, combined with the image of the plane trees of this place.

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