Kouris Dam: One of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the history of Cyprus!

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This is the largest dam ever built in Cyprus. When construction was completed in 1988, it marked the start of a new chapter for the management of the island’s water resources. The enormous construction site that was set up during the four years between 1984-88 at the Kouris riverbed is merely an indication of the impact this project had on the country.  

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The images from the time of construction reveal parts of the dam that appear completely different today, as its basin is filled with water. 

As a major component of the Southern Pipeline, the largest ever implemented by the Republic of Cyprus that involves the transportation of water from the south to the east of the island, the dam remains an impressive construction to this day.

The large embankment and very high overflow point, the tower well and the peripheral tunnel are awe-inspiring in size.

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With a capacity of 115 million sq. m. (the total capacity of all dams in Cyprus is 330 million), Kouris Dam currently holds 35% of the total capacity of the dams in Cyprus.


Source: Water Development Department, Kyriakos Kyrou

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