Kourion Ancient City

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Kourion is one of the most impressive locations of Cyprus and the entire Mediterranean. It has become a city kingdom at around 11th-12th BC after the arrival and settlement of the Greek (Achaeans) colonists in Cyprus. According to tradition this happened after the end of the Trojan War. Kourion was one of the wealthiest kingdoms of Cyprus. 

The devastating series of earthquakes that affected Kourion in the second half of the 4th century AD, were the beginning of the city’s decline. The beginning of the Christian period was the end of the worship of Apollon Ylates and that automatically meant an important reduction of visitors in the city of Kourion. That period economically affected the city.


The most important monuments of this ancient city, which survive until today, are the Amphitheatre, the Market (Roman agora), the Roman baths, houses of Achilles, the Gladiators and of Eustolios with the great floor mosaics, the Episcopal Christian Basilica, Sanctuary of Apollo, the Stadium, and the Small Basilica outside the walls and the Basilica close to the coast.

The city of Kourion, is of unique beauty. On the hill where the main monuments of the ancient city are located, one can see great views of the Mediterranean, possibly the most magical view.