Kouka Viewpoint

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Kouka, one of the smallest villages in Limassol, has the good fortune of overlooking the lush green valley formed by the Kouris and Kryios rivers. One can marvel at the unique beauty of this location from a spot that is certainly worth visiting, just a few meters from the village entrance.

A spacious, tidy wooden gazebo was set up in this area in 2019, allowing passersby to enjoy the endless panoramic view from north to south. The gigantic mountains of Troodos in the distance, the hills of Trimiklini and the surrounding villages, and the rich vegetation all create a relaxing setting one can idle at for hours.

The fresh air, the tranquility and the subtle sounds of nature create an environment that is ideal for relaxation and physical and mental rejuvenation.


The large wooden tables under the gazebo are also available to use for a small picnic. There is night-time lighting available.