Kolossi Castle

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The Medieval Castle of Kolossi in Limassol, also known as Koulas, is one of the most important fortresses from the Frankish period in Cyprus that are preserved to this day.

It was built in 1454 on top of the ruins of an older fortress from 1210. The typical features of a fortress from that time include the ramparts and gun-loops above the entrance, from where hot oil could be thrown at the enemies during incoming attacks.

Kolossi was the base of a strong military force, the Ioannina Battalion, known as Commanderie, who controlled and exploited the agricultural produce of the wider area, including approximately 60 villages.

The Commanderie thus lent its name to the famous Cypriot sweet wine, known to this day as Commandaria. 

East of the castle, are the remains of a sugar cane production plant. On the northern side, one will find the ruins of a watermill and aqueduct.

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