Kolokasi Park picnic site (Pelendri)

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As you leave the beautiful Pelendri village and head towards Amiantos and the rest of the Troodos mountains, you will find a neat park beneath the shade of the trees in a in a river bank, a pleasant surprise for anyone who loves the natural beauty of that area. Locals know and love this shady spot, which they call ‘Kolokasi (Taro Root) Park.’

It is a welcoming refuge for all seasons and any occasions, because though it is small, it is fully equipped with excellent facilities, while the tall plane trees offer a sense of serenity away from urban life, despite the park being located right next to the road. A great advantage of this location is the fountain of fresh drinking water straight from the mountain source. This water has been examined and deemed one of the best across the island.

The space is also well-lit and boasts dining facilities as well as a kiosk for refreshments, with its own restaurant which operates during the summer months. During the rest of the year, this park, just 2 – 3 minutes outside the village, is perfect for visiting during autumn, when the red-gold leaves of the plane trees form a rich “carpet” on the ground, creating a magical landscape.

This space is a particularly popular destination in the autumn, as this area is famous for the mushrooms that grow in the nearby forest, as well as for its award-winning wineries.