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Kolokasi Park picnic site (Pelendri)

Leaving the beautiful Pelendri village behind, heading to Amiandos and the rest of the Troodos mountains, you will find a tidy park under the shadows of trees, in a river bank, which is quite a pleasant surprise for anyone who loves the nature of that area. For a few decades now, the locals refer to it as Kolokasi (taro) Park.

It is a refuge for any season and any occasion, since, while rather small, it is fully featured with excellent facilities and the scenery with the tall plane trees around it is fantastic, indeed. A great advantage for this location is the fountain with fresh, drinkable water coming straight from the source in the mountains. This water, after being examined, is considered to be one of the best throughout the island.

The place also has dining facilities, along with a kiosk for refreshments, and lighting balls, allowing the place to have its own restaurant during the summer. Apart from the summer time, though, this place, just 2 – 3 minutes outside the village, is an excellent option for visiting during the autumn, when the red-golden leaves of the plane trees form a rich “carpet” on the ground, creating a magical landscape.

This place is a particularly popular destination in the autumn, as this area is famous for the mushrooms growing in its forest, as well as for its awarded wineries.

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