Kolokasi Park picnic site (Pelendri)

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Just outside Pelendri village, heading towards Amiantos, you will find a neat park beneath the shade of the trees in a in a riverbank. Locals love this shady spot, known as ‘Kolokasi (Taro Root) Park’, where there is a kiosk for refreshments.

The park is fully equipped with excellent facilities, despite the park being located right next to the road. The tall plane trees offer a sense of serenity, and the fountain offers to the visitors its water straight from the mountain source, deemed one of the best across the island.

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The space is also well-lit. During the summer months, the kiosk offers food and drinks. But the park is perfect for visiting during autumn, when the red-gold leaves of the plane trees form a rich “carpet” on the ground.

Contact number: 99 109267