Kissos Tavern: A tavern in Limassol with the aroma of Greek summer all year round!

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Kissos Tavern has been around in Limassol for several decades, with a history that dates back to 1982, when the tourist traffic of Agios Tychonas began to flourish. It began as a small coffee shop and went through many changes over the years, though its warm hospitality remained constant.

Andreas, having created a beautiful courtyard filled with colors reminiscent of Greek summers, has turned his tavern into a popular destination for fresh fish, meze and traditional Cypriot flavors, all year round. The picturesque setting, which bears resemblance to an island neighborhood, as well as its rich menu, have won the hearts of both locals and visitors over the years.

The interior of the restaurant features a large aquarium, thus complementing the island atmosphere of the space.

Address: 106A Amathountos Avenue, Agios Tychonas
Contact number: 25 321026