Kepir Mosque, Djami Kepir

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Muslim mosques are an important part of Cyprus' history, reflecting the long-standing symbiosis of its Greek and Turkish inhabitants. Most of them used to be Christian churches that were then converted into mosques.

The Great Mosque (Kepir Mosque) in the heart of Limassol, is the most prominent Ottoman religious building in Limassol. It was built on the base of an early Christian church which was discovered during work on the city's sewage system.

Right by the Kepir Mosque is located a small Muslim cemetery with the graves of important Turks and Arabs of the Ottoman Empire, as well as the founder of the mosque, while poems in Ottoman and Persian script are written on the tombstones.

The mosque has been granted by the Republic of Cyprus for the religious needs of Muslims living in the free areas of Cyprus and hosts 2 other mosques.

Address: Mescit, Limassol