Kepir Mosque, Djami Kepir

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Mosques are a very important part of Cyprus history. Limassol’s population was a mixture of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots and the existence of Muslim monuments in the city prove this. Most of them used to be Christian churches which transformed later into mosques.

The Kepir Mosque is considered to be the most important Muslim monument of Limassol. It was built based on an early Christian church, which was discovered during work on the sewer system of the city.

It was built by Mestan Agha few years earlier than the one in Larnaca named also Djami Kepir (1823-1830). Limassol and Larnaca Mosques also have identical interior.

Next to the mosque there is an ancient graveyard containing the graves of Turkish and Arabic notables as well as the founder of the mosque. Upon the gravestones, poems are executed in embossed calligraphy, in Ottoman or Persian.

It has been granted by the Cyprus Republic for the religious needs of Muslims living in the non occupied areas of Cyprus and it hostes another 2 mosques.

A visit to Djami Kepir or any other Muslim monument requires conservative outfit. Also, shoes should always be kept outside.  

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