Kato Platres Village

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Kato Platres village is located around 42 kilometers northwest to the Limassol city. The way leading to it, passes through the villages of Alassa, Doros, Lania, Trimiklini as well as Saittas area. Right after these, on your left you will spot Pera Pedi, Mandria and eventually Kato Platres.

It is built on an altitude of 920 meters above sea lever. Several vineyards are growing in the area, as well as various kinds of fruit trees. The famous traditional products of the village are traditional fruit sweets, palouzes and souzioukos, rose water, honey, wine and zivania.


Kato Platres are much more ancient than Pano Platres. The village used to be a small shepherds community at first, who also made pottery.

These past few years, the number of house units has been growing significantly, as residents found the natural beauty of the area, breezy climate, panoramic views and a serene environment.

In former years, the village was known by the name Tornarides. The main occupation of its people was the process and decoration of wood, and rarely pottery, with the wheel.

Cultural Center

During the school year 2016 – 2017, the building of the Primary School was shut down and handed down to the Community by the church for a 30-year-long lease, in order to create a Cultural Center, a place for lectures, infirmary and a library.


Papaloucas Winery: A family winery, that continues to produce wine and grape products with the same love and care that the people of this place have always done.

Lambouri Winery: Its balcony is surrounded by green tall trees, which create an excellent setting for discovering the unique flavors of the winery's products.


Agios Demetrios church: The church is thought to have been built in the 18th or 18th century, surrounded by a large yard, following Gothic architectural lines.

Old Agios Demetrios church: It is a small and rather simple building, built with stone and painted white. Its bell used to hang on a nearby tree.

Timios Prodromos chapel: Today there are only the remainings of the temple and the Holy Table, where  an old, large tree is rising. The residents would call it a summer chapel, since ceremonies would take place in the open air.

View point from Kastrovounos

Kastrovounos is a hill that impresses the most, among those surrounding the village. On that hill, there is a nature trail which leads from the village to the top of the hill and backwards. From the top of Kastrovounos, one can enjoy a rich view to the peak of Afamis mountain, on the west and to Agia Paraskevi at south east.

The evergreen slopes spreading to where the eye can see, planted with vineyards or with flora, the clean air, the ultimate silence, interrupted only by the sound of the air between the leaves and the singing of the birds, are the elements that make the visit to the spot a unique experience.

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Kastrovounos nature trail

Hikers can admire the majestic local nature, observing the endemic and other species of flora growing in the area. Different kinds of herbs are growing on the hill, such as lavender, rosemary and more, which blend their scents with the ones of the pine trees and they create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

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Hapotami: The passage of the river from Kato Platres has proved to be quite beneficial, since its bank is hosting a rich ecosystem, with tall trees, as well as bushes, preserving their green colors all year round.

Yiallitsis: The river crosses the core of the village creating an evergreen center around its bank. The stream is full of all kinds of trees, from walnuts and cherry tress, to plane trees, creating a small Eden, which one can enjoy by crossing the short walkway that goes around the bank.

Food - Drink

Paradisi (99 633561)

Agios Demetrios (96 906045)

Gabriella's Cafe (96 035563)

Sophisticakes and Chocoholics (99 151867)

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Nightingale Hotel (25 421202)

Five Star Villa with Forest Views (-)

Maro's Village House (-)

Riverside Cottage (-)

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Festivals - Celebrations

Easter Sunday: Traditional games as well as bingo take place at the school yard.

Easter Monday: Music, dancing and various traditional games. 

Cherry festival (July): The festival is hosted often and is an excellent opportunity to try special flavors of the different versions of processed or fresh cherries.

Annual feast (August): The Kato Platres group (Tornarides) in collaboration with the Community Council present the annual traditional feast for everyone in the village.

October 26th : A traditional fair with products from the countryside is taking place outside the main church of the village, to celebrate the day of Agios Demetrios.

Contact number: 25 422219