Kato Chorio (Kyperounda)

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Upon passing the village square and taking a right turn towards a downhill little road, you will come across a completely picturesque setting: stone-paved alleyways weave through 2-storey with stone-built walls, overlooking a green landscape. Kato Chorio is a beautiful, traditional neighborhood in Kyperounda village, welcoming those seeking to experience its true beauty.

The building complex consists of restored, traditional houses (which were allegendly built in rows so as to allow residents to communicate between them, and hide or escape from enemies during times of conflict, such as during the liberation struggle of ’55-’59). The apartments are located on the ground or on the first floor, with beautiful yards or balconies for relaxation with a view.

The interiors are fully equipped with modern amenities, and decorated with a rustic feel that befits the village environment. Wine barrels from the local winery were used as the base for the handcrafted bathroom sink and living room table. Every apartment boasts its own flat screen TV, a fully-equipped kitchen with an oven, microwave oven, toaster and boiler, and there is also WiFi access. Guests can choose from 2-bedroom apartments, which can host up to 5 people, or a studio. 


The paved alley in front of the apartments leads to the Museum of the Struggle of ’55 – ’59, which at the time was used as a hideout. Along this alley there is also a beautiful, open air corner that is ideal for taking a moment to relax.

Contact number: 99 812 166