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Kato Chorio (Kyperounda)

As soon as you pass the village square, turning right to a downward alley, you come across an utterly picturesque setting: stone-paved alleys, between 2-floor houses with stone-built walls, look over towards the greenest landscape. Kato Chorio is a beautiful, traditional neighborhood in Kyperounda village, which hosts those looking for experiencing its true beauty.

The building complex consists of restored, traditional houses (which are allegedly build in a sequence, so that their residents could move from one to another to hide or escape enemies during times of conflict, like the liberation struggle era in ’55 – ‘59). The apartments are located on the ground floor or on the first floor, allowing some leisure spots in beautiful yards or balconies.

Their interior is fully equipped with modern amenities, while decorated in a rustic sense, which fits the village environment. The handmade furniture, crafted with wine barrels form the local winery, have become the base for the lavatory in the bathroom and the lounge table. Every apartment has its own flat screen TV, equipped kitchen with oven, microwave oven, toaster and boiler, while they also allow access toy Wi – Fi. There are 2-bedroom apartments, suitable for up to 5 people, and a studio.

The paved alley in front of the apartments leads to the Struggle of ’55 – ’59 Museum, which has been a hideout back then. Along this alley there is also a beautiful, open air niche for relaxing moments.

Contact number: 99 812 166

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