Kastrovouno nature trail (Kato Platres)

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‘Kastrovouno’ is exactly what its Greek names says: a hill watching over the village of Kato Platres, just like a castle. This impressive peak is one of the most beautiful, as well as most unknown, sights of the area, offering a trail inside the forest, suitable for evening wandering, too.

The trail, with an altitude of 920 meters at its lowest and 1020 meters at its highest point, covers a distance of 850 meters, from the top to the roots of Kastrovouno. From the starting point to the peak, the trail follows a mild uphill route that is going round the hill.

Along the distance there are discrete lighting installations to lead the way for those walking at night. The hill hosts several kinds of local herbs, like lavender, rosemary and more, which blend their scents with the ones of the pine trees and they create a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Those crossing the trail during the day time, will enjoy the view of Afamis hill at the south west (with an altitude of 1153 meters) and Agia Paraskevi at the east west (with altitude of 1050 meters). Those who just with to check out the view, without walking the distance, can visit the peak of Kastrovouno by car. In fact, the peak is embellished with a huge, bright star during the Christmas holidays.

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