'Kastrovouno' Nature Trail (Kato Platres)

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On a hill that overlooks the village of Kato Platres, a trail was created offering panoramic views of the entire surrounding area. 

The trail, which has an altitude of 920 meters at its lowest point and 1020 meters at its highest point, covers a distance of 850 meters. From its starting point to the top of Kastrovouno, the trail follows a mild, circular uphill route.

A variety of herbs thrive along the hill, the scents of which mingle with those of the pines, creating an intoxicating atmosphere. 

From the viewpoint at the top (which is accessible by car), one can enjoy the view of the Afamis hill (with an altitude of 1153 meters) and Agia Paraskevi towards the southeast (with an altitude of 1050 meters).