'Kapilio' tavern: A warm little tavern overflowing with tradition!

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A warm and welcoming space, that serves up a hearty dose of nostalgia alongside its dishes. Featuring an interior decorated with elements of Cypriot folk culture, the tavern makes some of the most characteristic dishes and recipes of the local cuisine.

This traditional tavern welcomes tis guests in a familiar and cozy environment. With genuine, Cypriot flavors in its menu, 'Kapilio' can satisfy both those who prefer traditional meze dishes, and those who would rather go for their own filling main dish.

Among its more popular options are the pork spare ribs (which are particularly tender, thanks to the special marinade), as well as the ‘moussaka’ and ‘stifado’.

During the winter months, the fireplace is gets lit up, making the atmosphere even cozier.

Address: Agios Tychon (next to the central village church)
Contact number: 99 556084