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΄Kampi tou Kalogirou΄ Picnic Site (Troodos)

One of the largest picnic sites in the Limassol district, spread across approximately 3 hectares (15.000 sq.m.), ‘Kambi tou Kalogirou’ is located in the Troodos pine forest, around 3 km from Prodromos village, on the Platres – Prodromos road, at an altitude of 1300 meters.

Under the thick shade of the tall pine trees, which fill the air with their delicious pine needle aroma year-round, there are facilities for dining, grilling, as well as playing. The wooden benches, the covered grill area and the beautiful playground can host up to 700 people wishing to enjoy their time in this evergreen landscape.

According to the locals, the name of this site is derived from the name given to the wider area in which it is located. As it is a large, flat expanse of land in the middle of the hills and slopes of Troodos Mountains, people would refer to it as “kampi” (the diminutive word for ‘kampos,’ which means field). Local legend also has it that a monk (“kalogiros”) once lived in there, and so his memory remains as part of the name of the area.

The picinic site is just 4 km away from Panayia Trooditissa monastery (check out the tribute article about the ancient monastery here), allowing visitors to combine a trip on the mountains, with a tour of the monastery.

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