Kallithea Inn: The history of the first inn in Pano Platres, built in 1915!

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The former "Kallithea" inn, today known as “Kallithea Inn", is one of the oldest buildings in the village with an interesting history. As the first inn in the area, it was built in 1915 by Kyriakos Savvas Kyriakidis (from Zoopigi Village) in the center of Pano Platres. Its name was inspired by the good view of its guest rooms.

Since 1915-59 it had 14 rooms, and later on, after the use of neighboring buildings, the number of rooms had increased to 22. In 1922, Armenian families seeking refuge from the refugees of the Asia Minor Catastrophe stayed in the hotel.

The Inn was popular for its cuisine, since it had a cook from its very first years, whilst today the same tradition is continued by the family that has undertaken it.

During the period of 1940 it hosted refugees from the island of Chios, while it was chosen by Greeks from Egypt later on. During the EOKA struggle, it was used by the British army.

After Kyriakos, the hotel was taken over by his son Evagoras, who renovated the hotel after initially buying the mansion across the street, from Hariklia Chrysostomou’s family, from Egypt. The Parisian piano that is still in the hotel today, used to belong to that family. In 1968 the dining room and the living room were created.


Since 2022, the management was taken over by two siblings from Pano Platres, Hara and Stefanos, who renovated the hotel, preserving its historical elements such as stone and wood, as well as its exceptional architecture.

Photos: Kyriakidis family

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