Kakomallis picnic area (Louvaras)

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The forest at Kakomallis area is found on the way to Louvaras village, at a distance of a half hour drive (approximately 23 km). It is one of the most beautiful and interesting forests on the island, with tall pine trees, while the top of the hill goes up to 1000 meters over the sea lever.

At the entrance of the forest, just 2,3 k from the village, there is a picnic area that consists an interesting option for excursions in the nature, both in the winter and the summer. With a capacity of 500 people, the area has special spots for lighting fire, wooden tables and a playground for children at the highest level of the area. Stone fountains are there to provide refreshing water for visitors to drink.

A forest road begins at the picnic area, which is accessible for automobiles, too, leading to the forest station on the top of the hill, at a 2 km distance. There is a view point there, at the firefighters’ observatory, offering a panoramic view to the entire area. At 100 meters high, there are no obstacles, neither to the south, towards the city, nor to the north, towards Troodos mountains.

At a 5,5 km distance, the forest road leads, through a route under the pine trees, to a view point that watches over the entire Limassol city. On the way, excursionists will find and old chromium mine gallery,   still there after decades since the people in that area used to make a living in the mines.