Jubilee Hotel: The history of the highest tourist resort in mountainous Cyprus

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In 1935, during the British occupation, two brothers, Kyriakos and Leonidas Markidis from Gerolakkos village, decided to create the Jubilee Hotel to serve the needs of the public who went to Troodos during the summertime. At that time, the resorts would only operate during the summer months, where Cypriots chose mountainous locations for their stay, to escape the hot temperatures of the city.

Initially, it started as a small "glamping site" with a building for the kitchen and restaurant area, and ("luxury") camping tents near the "Dolphin" sports center. Later on, they secured the location where the 30-room hotel was finally built, just a few meters away.

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The hotel's name came up due to a historical event that took place during its founding, the celebrations for the Silver Jubilee year of the reign of George V (Silver Jubilee). At an altitude of 1,757 meters, Jubilee is the highest tourist resort in mountainous Cyprus. Part of the hotel still remains unchanged from its foundation to this day, despite its renovation, such as the reception area and the basement.


Among the historical facts that you will discover if you visit it, is the fact that after the invasion of 1974, the hotel helped the refugees by offering them work. Among them is Mrs. Koula, who is still working there as a waitress from whom you will get to listen to countless stories, if you ever look for her.

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