Jet Ski

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It is one of the most widespread and possibly most impressive of all water sports, and though we may all be familiar with it, there is much more to this activity that we know little about. Riding a jet ski is not exactly a sport, but it’s certainly not a game either. It can, however, provide unique experiences and thrills to all who attempt it.

The fact that it doesn’t require any particularly specialized experience is one of the reasons this activity tempts many to give it a go at least once in their lives. And when attempted under the right conditions and with all the correct specifications, it’s certainly worth it. Yiannos, who has been involved in water sports and jet skis for 30+ years in Pissouri, confirms it: “the experience of speed, the immediate contact with the water and the sensation of moving quickly across it is unique, though it should not be treated casually.”

A 15-20 minute jet ski ride will give you an adrenaline rush and a chance to see some wonderful images, without putting you in any danger, provided you follow all instructions. Riders should be fully aware of the surroundings of the marine area in which they will be riding, and must remain in the field of view of the people in charge, wear a life vest, and keep a distance of at least 50 meters from other vessels.

Jet skis are generally required to travel at a maximum speed of 4 kilometers per hour when in the waterway near swimmers, though they can reach much higher speeds. Newer jet skis, however, have modern technology which caps their speed to 50-60 kilometers per hour. Inexperienced riders are advised to maintain this speed, and also to be particularly careful when making turns. “When someone is a first time rider, we give them a 5 minute trial on the jet ski in order to help familiarize them with steering it, if they wish to. If we see that the rider is not comfortable or calm, then we dissuade them from continuing the ride,” explains Yiannos.

“I have seen accidents during my years on the job,” adds Yiannos, “and some were quite serious, though it is worth noting that these were all due to safety standards not being met, or due to jet skis being rented to minors.”

According to legislation, only people aged 18+ are permitted to rent jet skis, provided that they are foreign residents who have been in Cyprus for up to 31 days. Permanent residents of Cyprus require special powerboat license in order to use them.

Water Sport Centers for Jet Ski
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West Water Sports: 99 662780
Crest Water Sports Centre: 25 635101
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